Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Apparently I am a terrible blogger. I do have some posts I never put up, so I'll start with the oldest ones. This one is just a layering test, because when I got OPI's go on green I was a bit dissapointed by how transparent it is. But then I realized it would look awesome over top of other colours. So the base colour I chose was American Apparel's Factory Grey, and I think it looks great.


  1. IT DOES look great! I love layering! So many possibilities. I dig that bit of sparkle. Also I WANT SO MANY AA Polishes!

  2. Thanks JQ, and I might be able to help you out with the AA Polishes if you want to do a swap sometime :)

  3. Also I apologize for the quality of the photos... I was trying to up my blogging by using a program on my phone, but the quality is terrible, and then the program crashed... so I'm back to using a puter.