Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring peacocks are the new spring chickens

Spring is in the air... even if the weather is still yo-yoing. I've finally put together some art to post, although with all the weather ups and down, and being sick most of last month my nails are not looking their prettiest.

My first manicure up is Spring Peacocks. For the base color I used three coats of Gosh in yellow doll. Then I stamped peacocks, on my thumbs and ringfingers, using BM15 (bundlemonster plate 15) and SallyHansen Extreme Wear in pacific blue. On every other finger I used BM20 also with pacific blue. To give it all a nice shimmering peacock effect I topped it all with a coat of OPI in go on green (which doesn't really show up in the photos).

All in all it's got a nice spring feel to it.

This photo shows a little more of the blue-green shimmer on top.

Talk to you again soon I hope.


  1. Hello Jello!
    I have NOT tried my peacock stamp yet! I don't know why not! :) I like the yellow and blue together! Glad to see a nail art post and of course i can't wait to see more. Hope you are feeling better now!

  2. I like your photos and your nails. What do you think about a mural spread across all ten digits of one thing, like a train, or a mountain range, or a fish, or an eel or a bullet and the path its tearing through the air, or mexican communist revolutionaries in 1920's New York city?