Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Apparently I am a terrible blogger. I do have some posts I never put up, so I'll start with the oldest ones. This one is just a layering test, because when I got OPI's go on green I was a bit dissapointed by how transparent it is. But then I realized it would look awesome over top of other colours. So the base colour I chose was American Apparel's Factory Grey, and I think it looks great.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring peacocks are the new spring chickens

Spring is in the air... even if the weather is still yo-yoing. I've finally put together some art to post, although with all the weather ups and down, and being sick most of last month my nails are not looking their prettiest.

My first manicure up is Spring Peacocks. For the base color I used three coats of Gosh in yellow doll. Then I stamped peacocks, on my thumbs and ringfingers, using BM15 (bundlemonster plate 15) and SallyHansen Extreme Wear in pacific blue. On every other finger I used BM20 also with pacific blue. To give it all a nice shimmering peacock effect I topped it all with a coat of OPI in go on green (which doesn't really show up in the photos).

All in all it's got a nice spring feel to it.

This photo shows a little more of the blue-green shimmer on top.

Talk to you again soon I hope.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A healthy nail is a happy nail.

So, I figure it makes sense for my first "actual post" to be about the basics. I'm happy when my nails look healthy, and it makes them easier to decorate when they are. Growing up I was a nail biter, and on the odd occasion I still am (like when I'm watching an intense movie). I didn't start into nail polish until my last year of high school, when a friend suggested I paint my nails bright colors so that I see them before they reach my mouth... and she was right, it helped me a lot. I don't think this will work for everyone, but if nail biting is a problem for you, why not try it, all it takes is one bottle of nail polish. As this helped I found the need to shorten my nails not using my teeth, personally I prefer to file my nails, and not use clippers except in emergencies. When you're trying to grow your nails after being a biter, you may find that they are brittle and break easy, which a nail clipper can worsen by harsh vibrations, where as the gentle vibrations of a nail file helps stimulate growth and leaves no jagged edges to snag on things. Now I've gone on to furthering my nail health, by using products that specifically help strengthen, and encourage growth. Currently I am using Sally Hansen's Nail Nutrition - Green Tea + Olive - Growth, and I like it on it's own, or as a base coat. Most recently I've added a cuticle remover gel to the mix, it really pretty's up the frame work. I still keep my nails on the short side, as I have to many hobbies that are hands on, but length is always a personal preference... as is all else that goes on with ones hands.

Ok, I'm done ranting about my personal relationship with my nails... next time there will be art I swear. Bye for now.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Captain's Log

Today I begin a new adventure, the adventure of blogging. I've been quite attached to my fingers for a long time now, and for almost half that time I've been quite enthusiastic about decorating them. Now it's time to further my exploration into nail art, and share my findings with the world. Now off to explore and create, see you soon, and Bon Voyage!